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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  December 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that it will no longer allow homeless people to sleep overnight at laguardia airport. this decision coming hours after our exclusive report last night showed people sleeping on the floors and bathing in the airport bathrooms. cbs 2's meg baker with more on the people who have been "living at laguardia." >> reporter: it's the busy travel season and if you go to laguardia airport, you may be surprised to see this under the christmas tree. homeless people living at the airport. this is 2:00 in the morning. you see a person asleep in a wheelchair with plastic bags full of belongings. people sleeping on window ledges, camped out in sleeping bags and even people bathing themselves in the public bathrooms. cleaning themselves and their clothing in full public view. >> i have been staying here for a while. everybody here is homeless orr a home les 68-year-old man who has -- a homeless 6le-year-old man who has been level there for years began talking to me. he prefers to stay at the airport because he feels safe
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pointing out security cameras. >> you're much safer here than in a shelter. all this stuff here, i can 68 years old. i don't need that. >> reporter: he says the others around him have been here just as long. >> down a little further, they are camped out here. >> reporter: how many people do you think stay here? >> reporter: at 2:30 a.m., we counted more than 50 people asleep in the food court near baggage claim waiting areas and tucked away near bathrooms. and noticed an overwhelming smell where they congregate. using the public restrooms to groom themselves, this man shaving himself and bathing in the sink. >> people are working now. they go from paycheck to paycheck, you know? they are one paycheck away from sitting here. >> reporter: others living here not as friendly like these two people with cats.
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passengers waiting for early flights. >> kind of forget on a day-to- day basis that people are like this every day. >> it's not good for tourism for the people to see when they get here that there's, you know, in the united states people living in the airport. >> they don't really bother us. >> reporter: during the day, he takes a bus and then a subway to the meatpacking district to panhandle and get food. but always comes back to his seat in front of the tv at the airport. within the past hour the port authority group says their outreach group volunteers of america tries to help the homeless every night but they refuse. the port authority also said people will no longer be able to stay at the airport from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. without a reason. now to meet our public safety mandate -- [ pause ] -- we will close the laguardia terminal to all but ticketed passengers during the late night hours to ensure a safe and secure environment, arrests are made when laws are violated.
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maurice and kristine, it's very sad and everyone involved some compassion. >> excellent reporting, meg, bringing home the story most of us had no idea about. >> the images speak for >> thank you. for the first time we are also hearing from the man in charge of implementing mayor de blasio's new homeless plan. cbs 2's marcia kramer will coming up tonight on the news at 6:00. the teenager slashed by a stranger while walking in hospital. police are still looking for the suspect in this surveillance video who walked up to the 16-year-old girl on her way to school and slashed her face. she is an exchange student staying with her aunt and uncle in whitestone and today, she told cbs 2 she is still frightened and that she did not recognize her attacker. the girl's parents are expected to arrive from china new at 5:00 the controversial executive who hiked the price of a life- saving drug has resigned.
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from the company today. he was arrested today for allegedly defruiting investors when he ran a hedge fund. earlier this year shkreli was criticized for raising the price of an aids drug by 5,000%. two nypd police officers are suspended for 30 days after another prisoner escape. commissioner says it's a significant neglect of duty. steve langford reports. >> reporter: an empty police car in tribeca thursday evening. the suspect inside 20-year-old barry toom egone, prompting a search. the two officers in charge feeling the wrath of the top brass of the nypd. >> we cannot tolerate it. i'm not pleased. >> reporter: it should have been a routine transfer a young man arrested for shoplifting jeans and a jacket from this gap store on broadway, arrested and on his
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stationhouse when the suspect outsmarted the cops. >> the subject feined illness and the cops stopped the rmp to get out to assist and doing that he ran out the door into the subway at west broadway and franklin. >> reporter: that promised a shower of the 1, 2 and 3 subway trains as the search went into high gear. but the suspect was flow where to be found. >> he was handcuffed. very smart individual who managed to somehow work one of the cuffs off. >> reporter: police came up previous medical emergency involving this suspect that traced back to this location here in brooklyn and sure enough, they found the escapee back in custody charged with larceny and escape. two original arresting officers like a ton of bricks! >> they have had their guns and badges removed and they are totally, um, off the streets. they will go back for retraining before they get back.
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number 6 for the nypd since june when this infamous image of an arrestee outrunning two detectives made a mockery of the department. in tribeca, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> and the nypd also says the the two officers will face transfers from the first precinct to where they had been assigned. two armed men on the run after following a woman into her long island home and then tying everyone up inside including a child. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff has more now from bay shore. >> reporter: terrifying moments on woodbine avenue. 9:30 thursday night a woman and friend returning home on this dead end block followed inside by two masked men armed with guns. they tied up the two women plus two others inside. the woman's boyfriend and her 11-year-old son. we spoke with one of the victims. she was too shaken up to speak on camera. but she shared the frightening details. >> they tied me up and they
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>> and how is everybody in the house? we heard there were injuries? >> they are doing okay. >> reporter: she says she did not know the gunmen. suffolk police say after ransacking the house for three hours, threatening the four and firing one shot, the pair fled with cash and the victims' car. >> i can recognize everyone's car on the block so when i see like unknown cars being in and out of the block so it's like a little weird. >> reporter: but police quelling fears saying the home appears to have been targeted. >> because of the prior incidents that have occurred at this house, the nature of which i'm not going to comment on at this time, we believe that this was particularly targeted to this residence. >> reporter: police recovered the victims' car nearby at 5 a.m. abandoned. the perpetrators got away. the 11-year-old shaken up but uninjured, his father now moving him out. >> i thank god nobody was killed. >> reporter: the homeowner
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beaten in the robbery is hospitalized in stable condition. her boyfriend also sustained facial injuries. suffolk police ask anyone with information to contact them. in bay shore, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> police say the area is known for drug trafficking but haven't said if that is a motive in the crime. bruising day on wall street. investors seeing all red stocks taking a sharp dive. the dow with its biggest drop in three months closing bell down 327 points nasdaq down 79 and the s&p down 36. the source of the slide was a skid in oil prices. in campaign 2016, presidential candidate bernie sanders is threatening to sue his own party after a data breach. democratic national committee cut off the sanders campaign from a crucial voter database. sanders said he will take the party to federal court if his campaign's access isn't restored. the controversy started when
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improperly searched and saved voter data collected by hillary clinton's campaign. sanders responded by firing his national data director. president obama has just signed a $1 trillion budget bill to fund the government through next september. the legislation sailed through the house and senate with bipartisan support. it extends tax breaks for working families and it includes a permanent renewal of the james zadroga 9/11 health and compensation fund. the federally funded program provides medical screenings and treatment for first responders and others who were exposed to toxic substances at ground zero. country. if we had not passed this bill i would have been ashamed of my country. >> more than 70,000 people are registry. the study claiming to have proof that women pay more than products. sainthood.
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way for mother teresa. >> do you ever regift? >> i always regift. >> a lot of people do. what are the rules for regifting? we'll have the dos and don'ts. >> be careful. plus a local girl on a mission.
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toys to help the homeless. mother teresa will be declared a saint after pope francis recognized a second intercession. mother teresa won a nobel poor. soon after her dead a brazilian man with brain tumors was declared symptom free after his wife prayed to mother. pope francis waived the five- year waiting period and that fast tracked her path toward >> she is always a good example to the world when you
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suffering, doesn't matter, the religion or where the person comes from that you have to try to help the person. >> vatican watchers say mother teresa's canonization could happen next september to coincide with the 19th anniversary of her death. >> i loved watching her interact with everyone, right? >> amazing. >> the way she moved? amazing woman. >> i can't believe it's 19 years. by the way, right? >> i know. as we continue here, an 8- year-old new jersey girl is using her love of animals to help the homeless on our streets. cbs 2's brian conybeare has this heartwarming story of family giving. >> they are very kind. >> reporter: 8-year-old willow phelps is turning her love of cats into an act of kindness. the third-grader is now a budding philanthropist for one reason. >> because i wanted to help the homeless people. >> reporter: willow decided to learn how to sew over the summer and wound up making and
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selling hundreds of homemade cat toys with her mom's help stuffing them with organic catnip to make them irresistible to their feline friends. >> we first started via social media and people were buying them and loving them and so then we had to decide what to do with the money. >> reporter: they took baskets full of cat toys to street fairs selling them for $3 each. suddenly, willow had hundreds of dollars. and that's when she decided to help homeless teenagers and pet owners by buying sleeping bags, coats and long underwear to donate. >> people should help the homeless because in the winter they're cold and i don't want them to be cold. >> reporter: safe horizon in new york city is one of the beneficiaries where the deputy program director was blown away by the generosity. >> it warms my heart in a way i think i haven't been touched in a very long time that a 8- year-old with a i don't want people to be cold, that's a very basic thing that we all don't want to be cold. and she thought about that for someone else. that's wonderful. >> reporter: a wonderful
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little girl helping others this holiday season. in new jersey, brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. >> i love the headband. >> yeah. wonderful is understating it. so the two of us are looking forward to cbs this sunday morning a little more than usual. first, i'm going to take you behind the the scenes of the revival of a broadway classic. it's called shuffle along from 1921. this time it's choreographed by the legendary tap dancer sabean glover and produced by the incomparable george wolf. i got a chance to ask one of the stars about all that dancing. >> watching the rehearsals, i'm seeing energy, i'm seeing intensity, i'm also seeing certain actors trying to keep up with the certain dancer out >> absolutely. i'm sure one of the actors you're trying to keep up is me. sabean doesn't necessarily say this step is a left flat ball
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and then he goes -- [ sound effects nn ] and it's all response. >> reporter: glover says he thinks the cast is up for the challenge. >> i say i can simplify that for you. i say no, i want to learn the harder one. that makes me feel great. >> it is amazing to watch the process. it's a high-end think. previews begin march 15 at the music box theater. between the stars and creators, 11 tonys across the board so high expectations. >> yeah. >> the rehearsals are something to see. i can't wait until the show starts. disappointed. >> i'm going to do some more pieces with them down the >> awesome. >> i also got to spend some
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we went to his miami home and he even serenaded me ave maria. take a listen. ave maria >> are you comfortable after all these years being a sex symbol? >> it has been a joke of "people" magazine many years ago and they said this. but it's a joke. [ music ] [ singing ave maria in latin ] >> what's the best thing about success? >> the best thing is that, um, the affection of the people. >> and we cover so much more ground. watch my full interview with andrea bocelli and also maurice's shuffle along preview tune into cbs sunday morning this weekend at 9 a.m. and you know, he was easily,
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shrug off the compliments, you know, about him being, i don't know, idolized by women but when it comes to his music, maurice, i mean, that's when really gets serious and he really just has such a passion for it, just like, you know, the dancers and the actors. >> you feel it. >> yeah, absolutely. it's a true art. it's an art. >> yes. looking forward to some of the best storytelling in tv. >> how lucky are we that we get to -- >> pretty good. >> -- work with the people. >> and the serenade thing, i mean, come on. that doesn't happen every day. >> goosebumps, seriously. let's talk weather now. and the big chill is coming for the weekend. lonnie is out, vanessa is in. >> it definitely will but it will not last. saturday will be the worst of it. sunday will still be chilly but next week we're talking about unseasonable warmth yet again. right now out there we have cloudy skies 46 northwest wind at 15 miles per hour. they are already beginning to
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tomorrow is going to be a very cold and windy day. on the vortex satellite and radar, plenty of clouds, showers exiting northeast. rain showers to be specific because not only will we have cold air piling in, gusty winds as high as 30 miles per hour, but alas, is this snow? the answer is yes! some of us may see a little bit of snow early tomorrow morning, even snow flurries possible through the day showers exit early tomorrow morning, best bet for snow showers well north and west of the city. by afternoon, maybe some passing snow flurries. we'll have plenty of sunshine 41. we'll feel like the 30s and 20s out there. again, winds will be gusting as high as 30 miles per hour. more on that warmup coming up shortly. back to you. >> thank you. it is a high-tech device millions. still ahead at 5:00, how it's helping the visually impaired
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>> plus, putting a stop to tanning without the sun. who the fda wants to ban from the tanning beds. hey, mom, dad, i'm senior brandon marcelo. i wish you a merry christmas. wish i could be here with you guys.
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coming up on cbs 2 news at 6:00, a store clerk goes after a would-be robber with his shoe. watch this video, it's gone viral. >> cbs 2, wow, right there, he talks to the store clerk about what he was thinking when he threw his shoe at a man with a shotgun! >> also, a stowaway snake. cbs 2's tony aiello with a story of how a venomous reptile from india ended up in a port in new jersey. we'll sssssee you at 6:00. it is estimated there are more than 8 million americans who are legally blind or have significant visual impairments. >> new high-tech eyewear promises to help them see better than ever. cbs 2's dr. max gomez shows us how it works.
5:23 pm
time in his life, 17-year-old justin feels like most other kids. >> i'm able to do a lot more things on my own. >> reporter: things like helping his mom in the kitchen. or walking the dog and being able to see street signs or people's faces and expressions. when justin was 3 months old he suffered a brain injury. his parents were told his vision would never be the same. >> i worried about what happens when he leaves home, what happens when he goes to college. is he able to go to college? he able to do his work independently? now i don't have to worry. >> reporter: his mother learned about esight new goggles with a hi-def camera and screens inside that can zoom up to 14 times the normal magnification of vision. you can adjust brightness, contrast and clop. the optometrist says it's a game changer. >> it's going to help so many people with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other kinds of vision problems.
5:24 pm
>> reporter: digital goggles aren't cheap costing $15,000 currently but stacey says the first time she watched her son see clearly again -- >> it was a pretty amazing moment. >> reporter: she knew it was worth it. insurance is not paying the $15,000 cost of esight but the company will work with sponsors and funding organizations to help people afford the high-tech goggles. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news. >> users can connect them to computers and televisions to see screens up close. up next, a brutal bizarre attack a mother kicked in the back with her baby in her arms. what she had to say to the man who did it as he learned his punishment today. >> and what is the president planning for his last stretch of the white house? what he told reporters. >> and cashing in on a blockbuster. how the economic force is with
5:25 pm
"star wars." new information on a crime against a mother and child. cameras caught a teenager kicking a new mom in the back, sending her and her baby tumbling to the ground. good evening, i'm maurice dubois. >> welcome back to the broadcast. i'm kristine johnson.
5:26 pm
the crime happened in brooklyn this time last year. today, the attacker was sentenced but not before facing his victim in court. new information now from cbs 2's brian webb. >> reporter: it was the drop kick seen across the city. a young woman carrying her two- month-old baby kicked to the ground so a crook could steal her cell phone. >> easy to say you're sorry. >> reporter: the judge asked us not to show video of the criminal in court. but 19-year-old alonzo brown's photo is widely available to the public. but he did say we do show the victim odile yeah orozco. she told the judge through a translator she has been scared to walk the streets ever since the attack. >> unless i have to go out, and i know he won't be able to be there, then i feel safe. >> reporter: alonzo brown's talking for him. she said he has always been remorseful even embarrassed by what he did.
5:27 pm
and even though he had a rough childhood, he never blamed anyone but himself. brown told the judge with little more than a whisper that he was very sorry and that he wants to make a change in his life. >> what does that say? >> change my ways. >> reporter: brown was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison followed by four years of supervision along with the promise that he will stay away from his victims when he gets out. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: she said outside court she and her baby are doing fine that she is satisfied with the sentence and now wants to put the entire experience behind her. brian webb, cbs 2 news. >> alonzo brown has already served one year in jail since his arrest. an oscar nominated actor put in handcuffs today during a protest in new york. police had to use bolt cutters to remove an interlocking device that james cromwell and two other demonstrators put around their necks.
5:28 pm
they had refused to move from the entrance to a power plant under construction in way, way on the da. they say the plant could harm the environment. he was nominated for best supporting actor for his role in the movie babe. the nypd is looking for two thieves who they say went on a shopping spree at high- end stores in midtown. this is a picture of the suspects using stolen credit cards in louie vuitton at macy's herald square. police say that they rang up a bill for $6,000. after that they spent over $2,000 at gucci. investigators say that they stole the cards from a woman who was getting on a 4 train at grand central terminal back in october. and an effort to ban children from indoor tanning. the food and drug administration is proposing tanning beds be off limits to everyone 18 and under because of the skin cancer risk. the new proposal would also ask people before they use etaning bed to sign a consent form acknowledging they understand the risk. last year the fda required
5:29 pm
tanning beds and sun lamps to have warnings that they should not be used by anyone under 18. some new information on the threat that shut down los angeles schools on tuesday. a person in maine who runs the seven their routed the threatening emails told cbs news he has been subpoenaed in the investigation. he has been living in romania in the last week and a half says he is consulting with an attorney on whether to comply with those subpoenas. new york city schools received the same threat but the nypd determined it was a hoax. president obama is now on his way to san bernardino and he will meet with the families of the 14 victims of the shooting there. before departing he spoke to the press for the last time this year and as cbs 2's political reporter marcia kramer reports, the president says he has a lot on his agenda for his last year in office. >> 2016 i'm going to leave it up on the field. >> reporter: promising not to act as a lame duck in his last year in office, president
5:30 pm
obama took questions on a lot of topics, terrorism a key issue. the president defended his administration's strategy against isis vowing to defeat them. >> we are going to do so by systematically squeezing them, cuts uv cutting off their supply lines -- cutting off their supply lines, financing. taking out their leadership, forces and infrastructure. >> reporter: but the president said attacks like the massacre in san bernardino that killed 14 are more difficult to detect. >> we are going to have to recognize that no government is going to have the capacity to read every person's text,, emails, or anything else. >> reporter: the fbi said messages were private. the president talked about how when handling digital data. >> we are going to have to continue to balance our needs for security with people's legitimate concerns about
5:31 pm
privacy. >> reporter: the president also discussed the issue of guantanamo bay saying he is not giving up on closing it. he also thanked congress for passing a trillion dollar spending bill to keep the government funded through september 2016 and promised to work with lawmakers on criminal justice reform. he wrapped up the press conference continuing full force with his planned schedule for the day. >> okay, everybody. i got to get to "star wars"! >> by the way, the president was not heading to his local multiplex. the white house family theater was hosting a screening of "star wars" for members of the goldstar families an organization of military family members who have lost loved ones in combat. in the newsroom, i'm marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. you could call it the pink tax. up next, a new study reveals local stores charging women more than men for the same product. today in history, in 1892
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a holiday classic made its debut. tchaikovsky's the nutcracker premiered in st. petersburg, russia.
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the items on your holiday list may cost more depending who you buy it for. a new study finds women pay more than men for the same products! cbs 2's meg baker reports on the costly gender gap. >> reporter: pink or blue? many products for women are the same as products marketed to men. but guess who is paying more? 42% of the time, it's women, costing thousands more over a lifetime. >> actually, i buy men's socks because they're half the price of ladies. >> reporter: a new study by consumer affairs look at more than 800 products and found that women pay 7% more than men for similar products. >> is it fair? no. it's not fair. >> reporter: this is called gender-based pricing. also known as the woman tax or pink tax. this mother said she knows all too well with three boys and one girl.
5:36 pm
>> the girls are more expensive than the boys. >> reporter: women's jeans, same brand, how about $88? compared to men's $68. >> maybe women shop more? >> reporter: i checked and found a men's workout top costs $3 less than a woman's top with less material. same brand, similar style. and it's not just clothes. consumer affairs found a difference on toys, too, like this guy this guitar. >> a scooter marketed to girls was $49 and the exact same red was $24. and we really saw this time and time again. >> reporter: the biggest price discrepancies were in personal care products like shampoo and conditioner. this deodorant for women costs the same as the men's but the men's contains more. >> we sent letters to the ceos of all the manufacturers pricing. >> reporter: with this knowledge in hand the
5:37 pm
will be a little more savvy. in midtown, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> and when it comes to dry- cleaning women may also see a higher charge. >> i've seen that. if you are going to the movies this weekend there's one little film that's getting a little bit of attention. but what if you want to avoid the "star wars" crowds? we'll show you the other options hitting the theaters. >> plus, will winter weather out west affect holiday deliveries and slow them down? what u.p.s. is saying about reports of delays. >> and defending his business with a shoe. dana tyler has more coming up at 6:00. >> reporter: this story, kristine and maurice, a store owner stands up to a robber with his shoe. you can see it happen on the store's surveillance video. the robber armed with a gun. >> put the money in the bag, i shoot him. put the money in the bag, i shoot you. >> tonight this man tells our lou young how he overcame his fears in the face of danger. also, a lot of people are going to be rushing to finish their christmas shopping this weekend. how you could be making yourself the target for thieves without even realizing
5:38 pm
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the force, it's calling to you. >> the giant has awakened at the box office. "star wars: the force awakens" took in $57 million in its long-awaited opening last night. but it's not just theaters that have been invaded by darth vader and the nation's being force-fed with a wave of movie tie-ins like "star wars" soup and a creamery in brooklyn has warmed to the idea with special ice cream, the dark side and light side. and they say sales have been out of this world! >> the first week of selling "star wars" we sold as many pints online as we sold online in the year previous. >> there's everything brought to you by "star wars" including mouthwash and shoes. >> they have created it. >> "star wars" isn't the only movie opening this weekend.
5:42 pm
for kids or anything looking to laugh. jill nicolini with a sneak peek. >> reporter: families are flocking to the theater to see alvin and the chipmunks the fourth movie in the series. >> they think if dave gets married he will dump them to the side of the road. alvin and the chipmunks wouldn't be a movie without him yelling alvin! >> i love when he is always getting in trouble. >> they are an american institution. if you are a little kid you're going to see them. i'm a father so i'm going to take my kid to see that. >> i don't get this dress. >> :les keep rolling out of the bag. >> i like this story it tells with the fringe. >> reporter: tina fey and amy poehler co-star in sisters. >> they are two sisters just trying to throw one last house party before their parents sell their house and they are going to get drunk, they are going to try to fight some cops. >> it sort of hurts me to say that i loved it so much because i see serious movies
5:43 pm
like every day and this absolutely rocked the girls were amazing. >> i'm with the central intelligence agency. [ music ] >> i have been taken hostage. >> the extraction starring bruce willis a cia guy captured by the enemy and when his son finds out there's no hope for survival he creates his own plan to save his father. >> reporter: experts predict "star wars" will beat out "jurassic world" this opening weekend and beat $208 million. alvin is expected to take second place. in midtown, jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> sisters is expect to be third followed by the good dinosaur which is still going strong apparently. >> i cannot wait to see "star wars." [ laughter ] >> seriously? >> i want to see it on the big screen but apparently if you didn't prebuy a ticket, you have to wait a couple weeks because there's none out there. >> it's sold out. >> every seat is taken. >> all right. >> i will be patient. >> let's check the forecast.
5:44 pm
>> are you ready? [ laughter ] >> i don't know. do we need to brace ourselves? some may need to. it's been in the 50s and 60s for so long tomorrow it's going to feel like the 30s and 20s out there. even teens for some. so big changes in the forecast happening right now. first thing i'd like to be do is check in with our westchester -- check in with our weather watchers. it feels like 30s in -- excuse me, that's the wrong one. let's see here. let's take a look at the current temperatures. coupled with the winds, in bloomfield new jersey 43 degrees. pleasant valley, new york, 39. wind chills are down into the 30s when you wake up tomorrow morning it's going to feel like the 20s and teens. live outside right now, turning colder 46. we have gusts up to 25 miles per hour in places like laguardia. not everybody feeling the force of those winds just yet. but tomorrow gusts could be as high as 30 miles per hour. so right now the cold air is diving on in.
5:45 pm
it is finally going to feel like december this weekend. chilly all weekend long but tomorrow, we'll be feeling the coldest with those wind chills. and then next week we are going to be talking about near record warmth again. midweek. tomorrow, under mainly sunny skies, maybe some passing snow feel like. 15 to 30 degrees well north and west of the city. 20 to 35 degrees in an around the city. it's going to be blustery tomorrow. as far as the snowfall maybe some passing snowflakes tomorrow afternoon. maybe a few snow showers well north and west of the city early tomorrow morning. but we should have nearly two inches and obviously that is not going to happen anytime soon. especially because we stay cold only very briefly. here's why. one exiting cold front bringing the rain showers with it, we have another cold front making its approach. we are getting the squeeze here. the winds are picking up. here's the snow that may impact a few of us tomorrow just some passing snowflakes as we make our way through a very chilly day. old man winter will be blowing
5:46 pm
into town through the overnight hours. here's what it looks like hour by hour on our futurecast model. skies will clear overnight. but then as we head toward early tomorrow morning, around 6 a.m., we start to see the potential for a few snow showers well north and west of the city. most of the day is very sun- filled with some passing clouds. 4:00 the suggestion of maybe a passing snow flurry. as we head into sunday, it's going to be chilly but completely sunny on sunday. there's no threat for any passing snowflakes. tomorrow morning, when you wake up, the overnight low will be this. it will be 32 degrees in the city. 21 in monticello but it will feel like the 20s and teens out there. now, take a look at your extended forecast. your high tomorrow just 40. it will feel like the 20s and 30s. for sunday, it is 45 degrees under mostly sunny skies. the winds have calmed so it's feeling more comfortable out there. on monday mostly sunny and 52. tuesday 58 partly sunny. we are looking at wet weather moving in. wednesday and thursday, nearing record warmth with wet weather in play if you have travel plans. something to keep in mind, it
5:47 pm
does look like christmas day will start to cool things down a bit and dry out, as well. that's the latest. >> sand will be jet skiing. >> yes. 65 degrees. pretty warm. >> yes. thank you, vanessa. if you shipped a package across the country it could be delayed. snowstorms in the plains states in the pacific northwest have led to travel troubles. however, deliveries in the tri- state area are expected to be on time. u.p.s. says this will be a busy weekend. the company expects to deliver 36 million packages on tuesday. that is double the normal volume. >> how about this? amazon has taken a huge bite of holiday online sales. according to receipts of more than 3 million shoppers, 39% of all money americans spent online from early november to early december went to amazon! that's more than what was spent on walmart, target, best buy and 18 other online retailers combined!
5:48 pm
>> that's amazing. >> yes. about this? firefighters in atlanta. they had to rescue a pig after it fell into a manhole. the 200-pounder ended up in the hole. its owner went down after she made several calls to different agencies for help. but she says she didn't want to leave her pet alone until rescuers arrived. it took a crew of 16 firefighters to pull the pig and the owner to safety. a little lonely down there. >> are manholes that big? >> that's a big one. [ laughter ] >> looks like a well almost, right? >> never seen one that big. maybe they are. face it we have all done it p. >> what's the worst thing you ever regifted? >> a fruitcake. >> did she a fur cake? >> no, fruitcake. >> oh!! the rules to regifting so you don't get caught. find out next. >> hopefully didn't have any fur on it. >> and then at 6:00 a snake on a ship. a venomous reptile discovered
5:49 pm
jersey! wondering what to do with
5:50 pm
it's not uncommon to regift a present you have received but there are some rules. cbs 2's scott rapoport explains. >> reporter: it's something many of us are guilty of doing during the holidays. >> do you ever regift? >> of course! i always regift. >> reporter: regifting, wrapping up stuff we already got deciding we didn't want and giving it away to others. what's the worst thing you ever regifted? >> a fruitcake to my mother. >> i believe honestly someone gave me slippers that didn't fit me. so just wrong, right? the [ laughter ] >> i have regifted a lot. >> yeah? >> i probably would regift to you if we were friends. >> reporter: so you ask, just what are the rules of regifting? you're asking, right? >> i have gotten books that have had an inscription to the person who gave it to me. >> reporter: we went to etiquette expert tom farrelly aka mr. manners who keeps a trunkful of stuff he received that he knows he doesn't want
5:51 pm
and will ultimately give away to others. he says rule number one, never regift items to people in the same gifting circle such as friends and family. >> it can be really dangerous if your best friend sees the gift that they thought you were going to love in the home of someone else that they are also friends with. >> reporter: number two, try to make sure the regift is something the person will actually like. >> the idea here is you are not dumping your junkie gives on somebody else but because they will appreciate it. never, ever regift in original wrapping! >> the least you can do is give it a nice fresh set of wrapping paper. this is also going to ensure that there's no hidden gift card that you missed the first >> reporter: awkward! >> very. [ laughter ] >> reporter: some final tips. only regift clothing if it's never been worn and it's going to fit. and every get should be unused and unopened. and please, always make sure to get rid of those to and
5:52 pm
from tags. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> mm-hm. as for anytime limits on regifting, he says if it's a timeless gift, five years is not too long. but he points out if you wait too long you might give it back to the person who originally gave it to you. [ laughter ] >> my favorite receiving regift was a bottle of champagne signed to somebody he feels. >> oh. >> with all our love. >> not cool. >> but was it good? >> it was great. fine. oh, my gosh. that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a shotgun versus a shoe. a store owner fights off a robber with guts and a rubber sole. >> put the money in the bag, i shoot you.
5:53 pm
when he hurled his shoe at the would-be gunman. >> also a stowaway snake a venomous reptile found on a ship in the tri-state area. >> hours after our report revealing people bathing in bathrooms and sleeping at laguardia airport, the port north announces major changes. good evening, i'm dana tyler. we have two major stories tonight topping our news. both of them exclusive and both about the homeless. we have the first interview with a new city commissioner the man charged with humanely solving the city's homeless crisis. but we start tonight with the port authority taking action just hours after cbs 2's meg baker reporting there are people living at laguardia. >> reporter: it's a sad and shocking situation. more than 50 people living next to the christmas tree at terminal b in laguardia airport. last night, and every night you see a person asleep in a wheelchair with plastic bags full of belongings. people sleeping on window ledges, camped out in sleeping
5:54 pm
bags, and even people bathing
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